Re: [gardeners] 4th of July in Bastrop Co.

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 08:02:38 -0600

>Sunday, Jimmie requested a special dinner:  calf's liver, bacon & fried
>onions, mashed potatoes and spinach,  with a Lillian Russell for dessert.
>The weather had not changed one degree, so there was no use arguing
>about bar-b-que. Big disappointment.

What's a Lillian Russell? Sounds great, if the spinach has Pennsylvania
Dutch dressing on it.
>Tonight we're still in trouble -- last time I looked at the thermometer 
>(4:00pm) it read 110 in the shade. OK, so we will celebrate with curried 
>chicken, rice, peas, salad,  and honey dew melon.

A year or so ago I saw a recipe calling for blended canteloupe flesh in one
container and blended honeydew flesh in another, then carefully poured into
a tall champagne glass, one on top of the other. They say they won't mix
until someone starts to eat or drink them. Sounds pretty and yummmy.

>But would you please tell me how you slow cook a brisket over a bed of
>coals? How do you prepare it? How large is it? How long do you cook it? 
>Maybe I can try fixin' it in November -- I'm not kidding! We bar-b-que
>winter, even in the snow or rain. Jimmie sticks the beach umbrella in the
>pipe in the middle of the driveway which is meant for the tether ball,
>out a beach chair, turns on his little radio, and tends to the fire.
>uplift, even if he looks funny sitting there in his mackinaw with a big
>scarf around his throat....
>Penny, NY  zone Hades
I sincerely sympathize with you about the heat and humidity. Our coolth is
supposed to end today, and temps go up to 96, but unless something very
unusual happens our humidity will be in the 20s, so that we don't even feel
it. I lived in Michigan for a couple of years, and thought it felt like
living in a sauna during the summertime. I was raised in Colorado, also
where humidity is low. I remember my grandmother really scolded me one time
for going outside without a was 4 below zero. Didn't feel very
cold to me...

I do envy you a husband who'll do the BBQ. My husband likes to pretend it
isn't out there. Won't do it, not gonna go there, nossir. Not his bag.
Margaret L