[gardeners] Barbecue!Bible and many other good books

Uncle Steve's HOT Stuff (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 00:58:16 EDT

I have direct link pages to barns & noble books, that lists many BBQ, Chile, 
Garden books:


Stopped in at borders books tonight (to get a dose of AC), They had on the 
reduced shelf a great book that I have used for several years " Smoke and 
Spice: The Joy of Real Backyard Barbecue" for $4.99 the discount price at 
barns & noble is $14.36! This is a great book! If you like to grill, take 
the next step and move up to the art of real "Q". Pass the pulled pork and 
make sure I get lots of Mr. Brown!   MMMM that is gooooood eating!

103 in the shade today, look at those poor plants wilt :-(


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