[gardeners] Our Gardens

Tantrika (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 11:02:26 -0700

What have people got growing?

By way of saying hello to this list, I thought I would let you know what
i'm growing in my garden:

My name is Joy, and I live in the Santa Cruz mountains on about 30 acres of
a community owned property....

I just finished planting the last of my greenhouse started seedlings Big
Rainbow, Purple Cherokee and Evergreen maters to add to the romas, the
yellow pear, the sun gold, the sweet 100's, marmande, brandywines, marvel
stripes, better boys, yellow brandywine, genovese, romas, and green
zebras... I think I got them all planted, I may have a few left... I need a
place for all my yellow pears :)

Peppers:  64 plants, about 13 cultivars from hot habaneros to sweet bells.

Here's what's in my raised beds:

#1, french tarragon, green beans (Jade and blue Lake) anaheim chilis,
#2, Sage, chives, marjoram, thyme, johny jump ups, cilantro, red oak
lettus, green leaf lettuce, lemon sorrel :) cilantro, italian parsley
#3, lots of flowers, penstemon, lavendar, asiatic lillies, coreopsis, lobelia
#5 tiger baby melons, cantelopes, sonora melons, charmel melons, lettuce
miscuin, Fino verde basil, lovage, a stray nasturtium and johnny jumpups,
#6 habaneros, superchilis green peppers, purple bells, poblanos, italian
sweet, banana peppers, super pimientos and a mystery chili
#7 serranos, fresnos, yolo wonder bells, red bell, thai basil, arugula
(it's a weed for me)
#8 lemon cukes, japanese cukes, cornichons (for pickling) spinach from
seed, weeds.....
#9 mammouth basil (big leaves!) cilantro, yellow brandywine, marmande,
marvel stripe, Santa Clara tomatoes, better boys, radishes and a volunteer
#10! the three sisters:  Corn, bean and pumpkins, tomatoes of the above
varieties, sweet, lemon, spicy and purple ruffle basil, italian and curley
parsley, savory, oregano, rosemary, red oak leaf lettuce, radishes, partima
carrots and dill (the last three from seed).  oh... purple mustard... a
weed.  A volunteer horseradish!

In pots yet MORE tomatoes, and Lemon grass.

The Nectarines are ripening... gonna make nectarine chutney!
the almond tree has two (count 'em) almonds!
my pomegranate tree has pomegranates!
my grapefruit is recovering from our horrid winter as is the limequat.
probably be a couple of years before we see fruit though.
The loganberries are being got before the birds get them :)  I have two
gallon bags filled with frozen berries!  Can we say "jam"?

On the ranch:
the Apples are ripening.  The grapevines are getting bushy.  Terri's guava
tree is flowering, the walnuts are getting bigger, maybe we'll get some
before the squirrels start treating them as if they were tactical weapons
when they throw them at the dog. :}  The olives are fattening up, but
considering I don't know the first thing about olive processing it's rather
a moot point. :) We lost the cherries to the birds (again) and the
blackberries that aren't weeds are bearing fruit thought they aren't ripe yet.

We chopped up an olive tree that had fallen and blocked the path to the
mulch pile that one of the ranch residents contributed to the ranch.  

Tom got the whole garden set up on a watering system.  We made a trellis
for the cukes and put cages round the maters (some of them).

Tom got his wood workshop mostly set up.

We are looking into getting a smoker to smoke the jalapenos for
chilpotles...if that doesn't work, for smoked chicken and stuff :)

I'm learning salsa recipes, and experimenting!

I love my ranch! I love Santa Cruz!