Re: [gardeners] Woodchuck cuisine

David G. Smith (
Mon, 12 Jul 1999 14:58:46 -0400

Is a woodchuck the same thing as a groundhog?  My brother-in-law claims to
have caught as many as a dozen in a season using peanut butter for bait.
He also recommends touching the trap as little as possible so it doesn't
get any human smell.  I think he even leaves his outside when he's not
using it.

We have two dogs, and are fortunate (?) to have a really loud one behind
us.  I think the combination keeps most four-legged pests away.  If I could
just get the birds to stop pecking holes in the strawberries and peaches
we'd be in good shape.

David Smith
(In Delaware, where we may finally get some rain!)

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>Peanut Butter sandwich, heavy on the peanut butter!
>The best way to distinguish between weeds and flowers is to cut them all
>-those that come back are weeds.
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>Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 11:44 AM
>Subject: [gardeners] Woodchuck cuisine
>>I have a nasty little woodchuck who has eaten all my cukes, squash,
>>pumpkins.  He's making me very angry.  We were give a hav-a-hart and put
>>some tomatoes (nice and juicy) and some lettuce in it.  It has been out
>>for three day now and NO woodchuck.  I did catch, however, a little
>>bunny in it this morning.  Does anyone have a suggestion on what is
>>irresistable to woodchucks, something they just can't pass up, to put in
>>the trap?
>>Diane in CT