Re: [gardeners] Squash Question

Dan Dixon (
Wed, 14 Jul 1999 13:02:51 -0500

Diane Roeder:

>I have a volunteer that is happily growing out of my
>compost bin; either a zuc or butternut squash plant, too soon to tell. 
>Since I did not plant either (just Delicata this year) I would like to
>let it grow.  In attempting to train it off the lawn and into the garden
>area I noticed that it has put down little roots in some spots.  If I
>broke or cut these roots in order to train the vine, would it damage the

Shouldn't hurt a bit, unless the roots are really deep. We grow our 
vining cukes in 4 ft wide beds and have to do this all the time. Just be 
careful with the main stem and dont break or kink it. If the roots are 
well-established, you might want to try and replant them after digging 
them up, then water well for a few days.

BTW, I'm guessing yours is a squash; zucs usually don't vine as much.

Dan Dixon