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Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 22:31:54 -0300

Hi Allen

Its Thurs. pm . Hope we'll hear from you re your condition.  Hope I'm not being  - I don't know what - pushing it - just thinking of you and wishing you the best, that's all.

Penny in Halifax, N.S.  

>>> Allen and Judy Merten <> 07/13 6:56 pm >>>
Hi Penny,
    It seems more complicated than it is, the BBQ Pit that is. I still have not heard the results yet. I had expected to hear from my Dr. by Monday. I called today. Not in the office. His nurse thinks he is consulting with an associate of his that specializes in neck surgery. My Dr. will be in surgery all day Wed. also, so Thurs. at the earliest. Gettin' a little irritated at
the delay. Thank you for the kind thoughts.
    In the garden, still getting a few tomatos and lots of peppers. The tomato quality is going down hill. The stink bugs and grass hoppers are taking their toll.
    I pickled 8 pts. of jalapeno nacho slices, 4 qts of whole jalapenos, 1 pt. of whole jalapenos, and 1 pt. of Habaneros, last night.
    Starting about 100 tomato plants for the fall, along with Anaheim, Bananna, and  Jupiter Bell peppers. I am going to try to get the fall sweet corn planted this week if I can get some help with the manual labor. Hah! Rotsa Ruck!!
    Got to go put the roast on for supper. My hard workin' Judy will be getting home about 6:30.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

Penny Nielsen wrote:

> Hi Allen
> Thank you so much for the long and instructive post.  It sounds like a fair bit of work on DH's part.  I think he has enough to contend with with house renovations right now.  Everything is taking twice as long as planned.  I have printed out the instructions and will keep them.  Perhaps next year he can get around to it.   No pig roast using and oil drum for us this year.
> I feel bad that you spent so much time writing up these instructions, but hopefully others will benefit from them too.
> My sympathies to you.  Have spent 1/2 hour on a cold table taking X-rays and just couldn't imagine what 3-1/2 hours must have been like.  I sure hope the results are positive Allen.  Good luck.
> Thanks again.
> Penny in Halifax, N.S.