[gardeners] Rain

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 18:03:52 -0500

Anyone need some rain? We seem to have more than our usual share here
lately. Got another inch or two today. Luckily it runs off quickly here
in Flatland, USA. Gotta get out in the mud and dig the last of the
carrots before they rot in the ground. Cukes are shot as are the edible
gourds, rain followed by lots of sunshine cooked them good. Yellow Bell
and Heatwave II tomatoes are still okay and the herbs, up on their
little hill, are doing okay. The chiles seem to be okay for the moment
but a little more rain will probably do them in. The grass is doing way
to good, needs cutting again and it was just cut Saturday.

We did start about 4 gallons of pear wine today. Should be ready to
bottle and store in about 3 months or maybe a little less. Tomorrow
we're gonna start cooking down another batch of pears to make pear
butter. That's if we don't eat all the pears first, they're really good
this year. For a canning pear, Kieffer, they're nice and soft and sweet.
Even Sleepy Dawg begs for a share. When our pear tree starts bearing,
hopefully in another year or two, I hope they're the same type.