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Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 18:25:34 -0500

Penny Nielsen wrote:

> Hi Allen - Did you get your results back yet?
> We were just talking about outdoor fires last week.  Someone who lives in a townhouse purchased one of those Mexican clay fireplaces for outside.  First evening they used it the Fire Dept. arrived.  Seems it shot a flame of fire out the stack a story or 2 high.  You're not allowed to have an outdoor fire here in a suburban neighbourhood - unless its for cooking.  They only got a warning and told the owners to have a bag a mellows beside them with a stick.  That's considered outdoor cooking.  Crazy eh.
> Penny in Halifax, N.S.

Hi Penny,
    Finally got the results Friday evening. Dr. was on vacation. He said that there is nothing that he can repair surgically without running a greater risk than benefit, so he declined to do any surgery. He suggested a neurologist and/or morphine. He did shake my hand and wish me luck.{;-)
    If the folks with the clay outdoor fire place would use less charcoal lighter they probably wouldn't get flames 1-2 stories high. Wow! That's a lot of fire. I have seen the same sort of thing advertised down here as a "Swedish" fireplace. I guess they thought the suggestion of blue eyed buxom blondes would sell better in Texas, eh?
    The gardening news is pretty slim. Still making lots of peppers, hot and sweet, a few cherry tomatos and that's about it. The other tomatos plants are still putting on tomatos but the quality is very poor. All unproductive plants are in the process of being removed in preparation for fall planting. If I don't hurry fall sweet corn is going to be out of the question. This week is the last that I will have to plant sweet corn.
    Bastrop Co.; wettest July on record in a non Tropical system year.
    SE Central Tx.