Re: [gardeners] Question about Smokers

Allen and Judy Merten (
Tue, 20 Jul 1999 23:47:42 -0500

    Stomach cancer? The only thing impressive about Dr. Harshaw's BBQ pits
is the meat that comes off of it.
    I thought that old bugaboo about grilling, smoking, and BBQing meats had
been laid to rest by the New England Journal of Medicine. The air went out
of that balloon like the discovery that margerine is less healthy than
    You have a whole state full of people that have been eating smoked,
grilled and BBQ cooked meat. Lots of them live to be in their 90's. My
relatives do. Knock on wood, no member of my family has had cancer of any
kind. I mean great grandparents on down to the present generation. We stay
around for a long time so we can annoy more people that way.{;-) My last
grandmother died last year, age 90. I still have some of her older sisters
and brothers for great aunt and uncles. Most of them are still eating smoked
meats if it is tender enough.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx., where beef is real meat for real people

penny x stamm wrote:

> .....>>>>>>>>>
>     Judy works for a doctor who has a multi level deck built up the side
> of a
> very steep hill. He has 3 BBQ pits, a smoker, and a couple of smaller
> grills
> on the various levels. I have had one on mine.
> <<<<<<<<<<<
> That's strange for a doctor -- in the long run, that should lead to
> stomach cancer.  Unless, of course, they are only in place to impress
> the neighbors.
> Penny, NY
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