Re: [gardeners] Tomatoes with black fungus

Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:56:45 -0300

Thanks Margaret.  I did use fertilize that said it was specifically designed for tomatoes, but when I checked my fertilizers a week ago - I found 3 boxes of tomato fertilizer and each one's numbers were different - go figure.  I did add a bit more last weekend - so I might have done more harm than good.  Have used the same fertilizer in previous years tho.

We have had more warmer nights this summer than I can ever recall and have had a few days in the low 90's, but not 95.  Hopefully the weather is the reason and next year's harvest will be better.

Thanks again.

>>> margaret lauterbach <> 07/22/99 11:01AM >>>
It's usually weather or fertilizer-related, Penny. Hot nights will cause
blossoms to drop, and daytime temps over 95 will too. Fertilizer heavy on
the nitrogen side will cause the vine/bush to go to foliage rather than
fruit. If you fertilize again, I'd go heavy on the P and K and extremely
light on the N. Margaret