Re: [gardeners] Question about Smokers

Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 16:13:26 -0300

Hi Allen

Not Penny from NY but Penny from Halifax.  Funny that you took it to mean burned and crunchy and I took it to mean undercooked.  In French when you ask for a steak blue, its rare.  Your interpretation is probably correct tho.


>>> Allen and Judy Merten <> 07/22/99 02:01PM >>>
Hi Penny,
    By black and blue do you mean he ate it kinda burned and crunchy? {;-)

penny x stamm wrote:

> Oh, Allen -- it wasn't the smoked meat that was the problem. It
> was the frequency of eating it that way. We had a cousin who used to
> fix himself a steak every night in his Greenwich Village loft, and that's
> how the question came up. He liked it black and blue, not slow
> smoked.
> Penny, NY
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