Re: [gardeners] raw beef

penny x stamm (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 23:11:09 -0400

You're absolutely right, Penny (NS), but Jimmie won't listen. He has
a stomach like iron, which is partly his genes, and partly his good
fortune.  77-years-old, and eats like a lumberjack, never gains weight. 

Jim's favorite Korean dish is Yue Kuey, which is still being served in
the restaurants. It consists of ice cold raw ground top quality beef
mixed with a raw egg, sesame oil, oriental pear shreds, and pignolli
nuts. However, down in Washington, DC, in a Japanese restaurant, 
when ordering Suki Yaki, they refused to give him the traditional raw
egg for dipping sauce, because of the warning. Up here in New York,
they do serve it. 

Nonetheless, I appreciate the warning!

Penny, NY -- only 96* now 

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