[gardeners] USDA

Byron (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 08:44:40 -0400


Actually I am from NH, a home gardener can take their problems to the
County Agent or talk thru e-mail. The County Agent in this state makes site
visits to Commercial growers only.

TX varies by County, I Know a Chile Head from TX said in her county
the County Agent would talk to her if she was growing more than 5 acres
of 1 particular crop and only that crop.

County agents usually limit themselves to County residence only. 

US Ag. Schools, A few have some folks that will chat with you.
However they have a priority, County Commercial first, State Commercial
county home growers, then non-resident growers. when they have time.

   Every now and then you find one that you have to wonder about, I found
a Plant Pathologist at UMASS Amherst that had never heard of chlorine 
or tsp as seed treatment for seed borne diseases. ??

Some states have some great pages but they are not easy to find. IE
VA Tech. VA Tech did some stuff on folar feeding and found that other
than nitrogen, it's better to soil feed. 

Some like NMSU are geared only to commercial growers.

ND, NCSU, UCDAVIS, UCONN and Ohio are more geared to the home 

One of favorite sites is the following, just type in plant, disease or bug
and you will get at least 25 pages of info

Ohio fact sheet