Re: [gardeners] Black & blue

Allen and Judy Merten (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 08:36:10 -0500

Hi Penny,
    I like my steaks branded. Just knock the horns off, skin it, and brand
it on both sides. If it doesn't moo when I cut it, the steak is too done. I
like my hamburgers reddish brown on the outside from the smoke and done but
still juicy on the inside. No more rare hamburgers or raw oysters for me.
    The "blue" you are describing is that like raw or rare to the point that
the meat is still cold? "Blue" is a term not used to describe meat in Texas.
Doesn't "bleu" in French mean just barely cooked?
    Bastrop Co.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Oh, no, Allen -- both burgers and steaks we both prefer very blackened
> on the outside (from a hot fire). Jim likes it blue on the inside, while
> I prefer
> it pain old ordinary rare. Meanwhile, I guess that the outside could be
> called crunchy.......
> Penny, NY
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