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Penny Nielsen (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 22:17:48 -0300

Hi George and Tantrika

Out visiting the patch this evening and think that all the tom seedlings from last year will probably do better than those I planted, fruit wise.  I have been tearing them out but cause they pop up everywhere but obviously I have missed quite a few.  Maybe I'll enjoy some laterseason ones.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. who shall go back out to enjoy the beautiful summer evening. 

>>> George Shirley <> 07/23 7:03 pm >>>
Tantrika wrote:
> Well yesterday I was walking between my beds (there's only about a foot of
> space between them, and much to my horror I broke off a branch of my Sun
> Gold tomato plant (that had flowers on it)  (WAH!)
> Well not knowing what else to do with it stuck it, broken end down, upright
> in the compost bin.   Low and behold it hasn't wilted yet, and still looks
> healthy.  SO.....
> If I plant this in a pot with some micorhizza on the bottom will it be
> likely to root?  I certainly don't want to let it go to waste.
> Also is putting old tomato plants in the compost bin ok?

My wife has successfully rooted broken off tomato limbs but it takes a
long time for them to do anything. My tendency is to just toss them. As
for putting old tomato plants in the compost bin we just don't do that.
Tomatoes and squash plants go in the trash can rather than the compost.
Down here in SW Louisiana we just have too many diseases and pests of
both plants and composting just seems to perpetuate them.