Re: [gardeners] PJMs

penny x stamm (
Fri, 23 Jul 1999 23:52:38 -0400

Hi, Penny (NS) -- I also lost 2 PJMs on the west side and 1 PJM on the 
east side of the yard. I am told that once they are established, they
will not be hard to keep. However, those first few years appear to be 

I  seem to have licked the problem in an unexpected way -- noticing that
PJM leaves tend to hang down easily, a sign of insufficient water, I cut
in to a nearby flower bed water supply on each side of the yard, and ran
an auxilliary line looping around each PJM. That means that they get an
astonishing amount of water now, for the past year! The shrubs get
underground watered once a week, when it doesn't rain. But the flower
beds get watered twice a day for 10 minutes, also underground. And if
we have these prolonged 95-100 degree days such as now, I tell the
water clock to add one more 10 minute watering for the flowers. 

I swore I would never again do it, but I just went out and bought two
new PJMs..........

Penny, NY  

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