Re: [gardeners] Where is George?

penny x stamm (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 00:39:27 -0400

Gosh no, George. We're dying. And today was the v-e-r-y worst. 
They said 105* with the factors. Still have had only 1 inch of rain 
since June 1st. Not water restricted yet. Lost all power a week ago
when my 15-y-o grandson Jason was here doing the grunt work for
4 murderous days. Actually the power kicked off 3 times and came 
back on, before quitting for about 8 hours. We were forced to go to bed 
at 10:00pm, much against our natures...  The aftermath of the power
outage has been that all the Radio Shack light switch modules have 
been corrupted. The master switch box reads the same as always, but
half the lights now turn on at 9:15pm, instead of 6:45...  and the other
half refuse to light at all!  The clock never lost time...  and i have
reprogramming the clock to get the lights working, but no matter what I
choose, they have a will of their own... 

However, St.Louis has it worse even than us. My kids are visiting
my kids for 4 days, and guess where they have gone to relieve the
heat....?  Nice, comfortable, middle-aged characters, and they went
to a water park. In my wildest dreams I cannot visualize these formal
business people shooting thru a tunnel of water into a whirlpool!!!!

They adored it. 

Penny, NY

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