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> We have heard nothing about cutting back the southern states
>  in order to stretch our potential.

Southern state usuallly purchase power from the northern utilities.  It helps 
keep your power bills down, and affords our area the extra power for this hot 
weather.  We have a program here that allows the power company to cut off the 
electricity to selected home guzzlers for short periods of times.  Pool 
filters are shut off up to 4 hours at a time after noon, when the power 
demand is highest.  A/C units can be shut off up to 15 minutes each 1/2 hour. 
 Hot water heaters can be turned off up to 4 hours in the afternoon also.  
All this only during peak power usage time.  This prevents a lot of the 
rolling blackouts some of you are experiencing.  We can get discounts on our 
electric bill for allowing the above.

We put timers on the pool filter to run only until noon then it shuts off 
before the power company does it.  The water heater gets has the power 
companies control box, and our A/C now has a electronic thermostat that turns 
down the A/C at times we are not home to need it.  My electric bill dropped 
more than the discounts we used to get using the PC boxes.  
Anne in FL
zone 9b, sunset 26    where it is already 87* out there.