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George Shirley (
Sun, 25 Jul 1999 08:51:14 -0500

bsk wrote:
>         If the company is like this now you may be having all kinds of fun when
> the Y2K stuff hits the fan! LOL Sounds like you may have to lay in some
> emergency stores for light and chow if you have a all electric kitchen.
>        Thank goodness for the garden pantry! Hope you can stay at least a little
> cool.
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>  Entergy bought out the local power company we have had more outages and less
> workers. They now have one lineman who takes care of this large area, if it gets
> really bad they hire contractors. All the meter readers were laid off and that
> was contracted out. Entergy has, I believe, two nuke plants and both are having
> problems staying on line. They also laid off all their safety people at the
> local power plant and the asst. plant manager now handles that function.
>  George

We have a large pantry full of home-canned food and, being in Cajun
country, I have at least two LP gas cookers and an LP gas grill. That's
not including the charcoal grill and the next door neighbors gas stove.
In addition we're experienced campers so don't expect too many problems.