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Thu, 29 Jul 1999 11:46:19 EDT


>I think I've got a few chile's ready to harvest... I could sure use some 
>advice please.
>Khatmandu -- I've got some 3" and longer, turning black on the side exposed 
>to the sun, they are still bright green on the underside.... Should they be 
>totally black before I pick them?
>Piri Piri -- real cute little guys that are still a chartreuse.  Do I 
>harvest when they are a bright red?  Do they stay green?
>Super Chile's -- They are a nice green color and are getting finger size.  
>How big do these get and what color should they be for harvest?

You can use any Chile when "green", but often better flavor (and more heat) 
if you wait for them to mature to red, black, brown, orange etc.  Try some 
now and some when mature. You may like the flavor of some green and others 
better when ripe. Entirely different tastes.


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