[gardeners] Chile harvesting

Cynthia Mayeaux (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 28 Jul 1999 21:46:38 -0400

I think I've got a few chile's ready to harvest... I could sure use some
advice please.  These are all seeds I got from George :-)

Khatmandu -- I've got some 3" and longer, turning black on the side exposed
to the sun, they are still bright green on the underside.... Should they be
totally black before I pick them?

Piri Piri -- real cute little guys that are still a chartreuse.  Do I
harvest when they are a bright red?  Do they stay green?

Other Chile updates:

Super Chile's -- They are a nice green color and are getting finger size.
How big do these get and what color should they be for harvest?

Thai's -- Nice healthy plants but no chile's, only flowers.

Lemon Drops -- still flowering but have a few small finger size fruits.

Cherry's -- These are delicious and ripen up early.  I've just been eating
them as they get red and round.

Thank you so much for all these seeds George, I've got over 40 plants out
there filling up an empty border.  Gives me a chuckle to have all those
chile plants in an area that should be perennials.


Cynthia (who is battling horn worms and having nightmares about them)

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