Re: [gardeners] Chile harvesting

George Shirley (
Thu, 29 Jul 1999 09:01:07 -0500

Cynthia Mayeaux wrote:
> I think I've got a few chile's ready to harvest... I could sure use some
> advice please.  These are all seeds I got from George :-)
> Khatmandu -- I've got some 3" and longer, turning black on the side exposed
> to the sun, they are still bright green on the underside.... Should they be
> totally black before I pick them?

IIRC they will turn red when ripe. The black (brown) coloration is just
another step in the ripening process.

> Piri Piri -- real cute little guys that are still a chartreuse.  Do I
> harvest when they are a bright red?  Do they stay green?

I've never grown these, yet, so don't know when they are ripe. Anyone

> Other Chile updates:
> Super Chile's -- They are a nice green color and are getting finger size.
> How big do these get and what color should they be for harvest?

Again, believe they ripen red and are about cayenne size.

> Thai's -- Nice healthy plants but no chile's, only flowers.

Thai Hots bear late season, mine are still small and flowering but no
fruit yet. Late August up until first frost they usually become prolific
bearers and I pick every day.

> Lemon Drops -- still flowering but have a few small finger size fruits.

Get about 2-3 inches long and are chrome yellow when ripe. Hot as heck
but with really good flavor. Made several bottles of chile vinegar with
them and they were a hit. One friend ate about a quart of them with his
chili last winter. Didn't see him for a few days so figure he had a
little digestive upset.
> Cherry's -- These are delicious and ripen up early.  I've just been eating
> them as they get red and round.

That's the way to do them. They pickle well too.

> Thank you so much for all these seeds George, I've got over 40 plants out
> there filling up an empty border.  Gives me a chuckle to have all those
> chile plants in an area that should be perennials.

In some parts of the world chiles are perennials. <VBG> I much prefer
edible border plants to the other kind. And you're very welcome to the
seeds. There aren't any more left out of that batch so save you some
> Cynthia (who is battling horn worms and having nightmares about them)
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George, who picked a small bucket of chiles yesterday, mostly paprika
and pimiento.