Re: [gardeners] Chile harvesting

Cynthia Mayeaux (
Fri, 30 Jul 1999 05:49:03 -0400

At 09:01 AM 7/29/99 -0500, you wrote:
>In some parts of the world chiles are perennials. <VBG> I much prefer
>edible border plants to the other kind. And you're very welcome to the
>seeds. There aren't any more left out of that batch so save you some
>George, who picked a small bucket of chiles yesterday, mostly paprika
>and pimiento.

Thanks to all for the advice, general consensus is pick them at all stages
for various flavors, what a great plant!

  I'll be picking and eating this weekend.  I did some reasearch and came
up with some interesting pieces of information, the history of chile's is
quite amazing.  One source said they are addicting to humans; several
animals where also listed  (the two I can remember is rat and chicken,
which explains why those pepper squirrel deterrents don't work).  One book
also said to harvest the first round of fruits before they ripen because it
brings on the subsequent fruit faster and hotter. 

I'll be sure to save some seed from each variety.


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