RE: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #612

Ed Wise (
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 06:49:18 -0500


Just South of Dallas.  We planted several varieties of tomatoes and expected
to have fruit for a long period of time.  Instead, 80% of them were ready at
the same time.  Some of the peppers have finished, but still have bananas,
chocolate bells, jalapenos, and the purple ones.  The watermelon was a whim
(one 25-cent plant at Wal-Mart) but I have eight in the house and several
still on the vine.  I'll be visiting the neighbors this afternoon after
work, with watermelons in tow.

We decided that instead of a fall veggie garden, we will continue work on
our landscaping in the front, and wildscaping in the back.  Lots and lots of
gardening to do!

> Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:44:18 -0400
> From: penny x stamm <>
> Subject: Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #611
> KimW, where are you located that your tomatoes are finishing,
> and your watermelons are so well developed..?
> Our neighborhood tomatoes have not yet set any fruit ...................
> Penny, NY