Re: [gardeners] heat wave broken!

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 03 Aug 1999 07:38:07 -0600

<snip> We're expecting a county-wide 
>water shut-off, and I'd like to preserve whatever I can glean. 
>Of course, at 2:00 o'clock, the underground flower beds get watered
>by soakers. Only what I heard certainly wasn't any ordinary soaker~!
>It was Niagara Falls....   Dear Jimmie had tossed a hose down the 
>cellar stairs -- and it just happened to be the full water supply for the
>veggie garden, wide open!  Ye gods!  I ran around into the house, and 
>yes, sure, the cellar was under water <sob>....  Put an old fashioned
>hand wringer on the tubs, and four beach towels on the floor, and
>went to work.
>But that wasn't all...  I turned on the zone for the entire front of the
>because a section of shrubbery at the left side of the front door looked
>very unhappy. And of all the dumb things to have let happen, it seems
>that when we transplanted two wonderful rhododendron bushes I had
>been growing, we pinched back the underground hose with a 5" hairpin,
>to get it out of the way, and of course, cut off the available water from
>point onwards, completely!  In this heat and drought, that 6x6 section
>never got any water for 4 weeks!  Last night you would have died 
>laughing at the sight of me, not knowing WHY everything looked so
>peaked, as I carried gallon Clorox jugs outside full of plain, room temp
>water, and dumped each one on top of a plant...  !  There are 3 rhodies,
>5 Delaware Valley white azaleas, 5 dwarf hinoki cyprus, and a cut-leaf
>Japanese maple....  that made 14 trips back in to the kitchen!   
>Once the water supply officially gets restricted, the system is to allow
>us to water anything except the lawn which we can manage with a 
>sprinkling can. 1st offense if caught :  $1,000.00 fine. The neighboring
>county edict already is in effect...   We had 6 tenths of one inch of
>during July. 
><Sigh....>   Penny, NY

Penny, could you have used your cellar as a giant rain barrel? Would have
been easier than cleaning it up. Could your pinched water line have
anything to do with the rhodies you recently lost? Margaret L