Re: [gardeners] Texas garden

Penny Nielsen (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 12:51:18 -0300

Hi Penny

Do you like lettuce mixes - I just put more in a week or so again and within a week it was up.  What about some snow peas, string beans, beats, chard, spinach.  I know I'm going to put more peas in - already did a second crop which I'm eating but aren't doing the greatest as I didn't get the netting up in time.  Forgot to put in chard this year.  Will put in some more spinach and I think another row of string beans.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. 

>>> penny x stamm <> 08/02/99 11:42PM >>>

Kim, even for your wonderful gardening reward, I don't think I
could handle Texas weather -- I've spent this whole summer 
chanting under my breath, "think snow! Think Snow!"

I tried watermelons last summer. Bought 2 little plants. After
a number of weeks I found one tiny round green melon on each
plant. I kinda supported them off the ground on their own leaves,
watered every day -- and when they were as big as a
grapefruit, overnight they both died. So much for watermelon!

Here it is August 3rd, and my hubby has the veggie garden ready
for planting. Have you folks any suggestions as to what on earth
he could put in now...?  Our 1st frost is usually around Hallowe'en..
That gives him about 80 or 90 days, full sun exposure. 

Penny, NY

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999 06:49:18 -0500 "Ed Wise" <> writes:
>Just South of Dallas.  We planted several varieties of tomatoes and 
>to have fruit for a long period of time.  Instead, 80% of them were 
>ready at
>the same time.  Some of the peppers have finished, but still have 
>chocolate bells, jalapenos, and the purple ones.  The watermelon was a 
>(one 25-cent plant at Wal-Mart) but I have eight in the house and 
>still on the vine.  I'll be visiting the neighbors this afternoon 
>work, with watermelons in tow.
>We decided that instead of a fall veggie garden, we will continue work 
>our landscaping in the front, and wildscaping in the back.  Lots and 
>lots of
>gardening to do!
>> Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 12:44:18 -0400
>> From: penny x stamm <>
>> Subject: Re: [gardeners] gardeners Digest V1 #611
>> KimW, where are you located that your tomatoes are finishing,
>> and your watermelons are so well developed..?
>> Our neighborhood tomatoes have not yet set any fruit 
>> Penny, NY

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