Re: [gardeners] heat wave broken!

penny x stamm (
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 23:59:10 -0400

Margaret said:>
>Penny, could you have used your cellar as a giant rain barrel? Would 
>been easier than cleaning it up. Could your pinched water line have
>anything to do with the rhodies you recently lost? Margaret L
Well, Margaret, it's rather difficult to use the cellar as a giant rain
when there has been less than one inch of rain since June 1st......  
Does help to keep the workshop floor neat & tidy.

The entire front of the house is on one watering zone. It's curious but
necessary that the water comes out of the house at mid-point, travels 
downhill  40 ft (underground)  to the valve boxes, and when the clock 
in the garage (on the other side of the house) tells it to run,  then 
valve 7 opens and allows water to flow back up to service the whole 
front. It's simple on  paper, anyway. Not only does that first water 
supply line go under the front sidewalk by the steps, but another 
short supply line snakes back under that sidewalk, to deliver water 
at the other end of the front.  So, in this particular case, half of the 
front received its proper share of water. And the other half of the front

received its share as well, including those precious Starry Night 
rhodies which we just lost. Only a 6x6 grid by the front door was 
pinched off. Fortunately, I have a mania for interconnecting those 
soaker grids -- my feeling is that the pressure equalizes uphill and 
downhill when there is NO END to the lines. Therefore I insist that 
we stick " T " connectors in parallel lines, much to my hubby's 
annoyance -- and that's how come the 2nd half of the front still got 
irrigated, in spite of the small grid which I had pinched off..... 

Penny, NY  


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