Re: [gardeners] Texas garden

penny x stamm (
Fri, 6 Aug 1999 22:42:47 -0400

Allen, we have to wait 'n see if they turn off our water before
we plant anything new....  thanks for the suggestions. I'll 
hold the list and pray.

On another subject, I'm  really feeling persecuted.

Three weeks ago, the roofer came to caulk a split gutter, and
his helper rammed the extension ladder into my two most prized and 
showy royal blue rhodies, the Starry Nights. They are no longer alive,
besides which the ladder leg fractured a water supply line. In former
years, Jimmie would have made the repair, but he has gotten too 
wobbly, unfortunately. 

Now we are having major problems with the flue from the hot water
heater which has a down draft up the chimney instead of an 
updraft, so any time the heater turns on, water condenses in the
flue and spills backwards into the brand new furnace!  OK, today they
sent over a chimney sweep to see if the flue were blocked, and the 
helper just plain stuck his ladder down into the bed of red begonias
by the front door. Goodbye begonias. 

And in 12 days, all the Master Gardneners are coming for lunch, a
business meeting, and a walk-thru the garden. It isn't enough that
we are suffereing from a complete drought, but also from the
onslaught of detached individuals who shouldn't need a college 
education to realize that you   just  don't   stick   ladders   into  
flower   beds.....................

Does anyone have any experience with "draft inducers" in flues
with an inadequate draft..? 

Penny, NY

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