Re: [gardeners] Rain!!!

George Shirley (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 15:38:26 -0500

Two days ago we got a nice evening thunderstorm that dropped about an
inch on us. It's threatening to rain today too. Miz Anne just got the
lawn mowed so it probably won't rain. If she was gonna mow tomorrow it
would rain tonight. ;-) Picked a mess of crowder peas and a few eggplant
today and will have to pick the chiles again tomorrow.

Harry Boswell wrote:
> Meanwhile, I'm having to mow my yard every 5 days or so, because
> we keep having late afternoon thunderstorms.  Wish I could ship
> some of this to you folks who need it so badly!
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> Subject: [gardeners] Rain!!!
> > Yesterday we had the first rain in over 56 days. This is not an end to a
> > drought, this is normal for southwest Idaho. But the rain was lip-lickin'
> > wonderful! The gardens and lawn look great, and even the air smells mostly
> > good, save for the exhaust fumes from the Interstate. May you all have
> such
> > welcome weather changes. Margaret L
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