Re: [gardeners] Rain!!!

penny x stamm (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 22:54:43 -0400

Margaret, we're in the same boat as far as lack of rain, only 
yesterday's gargantuan storm over New Jersey never reached
us here on the eastern side of the Hudson River. No rain, no
rain, no rain. Today it was only 85 degrees, but we had 97% 
humidity. Baaaad news.... 

How does your area manage to have good lawns and flowers
without rainfall? Is there plenty of water available for the homeowner
to irrigate on his own?  Yesterday I saw some statistics on our
situation, and they said that our reservoirs were down to 65% full. 
Apparently that is a panic situation, because we may not have 
enough water for the winter months. I also saw the Department of
Sanitation men washing their 3-wheeled little white garbage
pick-up trucks with an open hose and fast running water. Our
county is not officially restricted as yet, but that seemed quite

Penny, NY

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