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penny x stamm (
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 22:29:13 -0400

Hi Allen,  the problem in my two cases was that there is no way
that the broken Starry Night andromedas could be replaced,
except in 1-year-old stock. The supply line underneath which was
split -- well, the painter wanted to rush off to the hardware store
and get the parts to rebuild it, but I would not let him. Jimmie has
a thing about doing it himself, and thus doing it correctly, and he
always has the spare parts. 

Last week's problem, when  the chimney sweep helper placed
the ladder in the flower bed -- once again,  the 2nd week in August
there is no place on this earth where I could get replacement
red begonias 12 inches tall at any price, or I would have made
the boss pay.  I shifted the flowers around to cover for the damage.

I have no problem whatsoever will asserting myself with the
professionals -- but I handle things more effectively when the
damage or hurt or insult, whatever, is of larger proportions. I
have taken my two very young kiddies with me to Small Claims
Court, and did win the judgement, so I know it works. And when I
found that the tile man had cemented in the new shower tiles in
the wrong pattern, I made them remove it from the walls, and
do it over. 

I will keep your advice on file for whatever accidents come up in
the future.  You never know what's going to happen next, that's
for sure! 

Penny, NY

On Wed, 11 Aug 1999 23:15:04 -0500 Allen and Judy Merten
<> writes:
>Hi Penny,
>    Having been a painter and a paint contractor most of my adult 
>life, I
>have spent many years using ladders or employing men that do. This 
>type of
>behavior is inexcusable. You should be able to recover damages to your
>plants and to your roof, gutters or anything else that was broken,
>trampled, scratched or other wise adversely affected by the use of a
>    We protected plants, grass, driveways or what ever when we painted 
>exteriors just like we protected carpet and furniture when we painted
>    Please, report these contractors to the BBB and the Contractors
>Council in your area. Take them to small claims court for damages. A 
>in the a** or the check book is often the only way to keep contractors
>like this from damaging other peoples property in the future.
>    I was fortunate in having several sets of great grandparents and
>grandparents live into their 90's. Several times contractors took
>advantage of them because of their age and physical condition. 
>these incidents occurred before my back injury, and I was able to show 
>couple of contractors the error of their ways. I wish you had someone 
>could do the same for you. Down here in Texas a well deserved a** 
>is not going to wind up in court especially where the elderly are 
>taken advantage of, and retribution is visited upon the wayward.
>   Sorry, I have no idea how to solve your problem with draft 
>Bastrop Co.,
>SE Central Tx.
>penny x stamm wrote:
>> Allen, we have to wait 'n see if they turn off our water before
>> we plant anything new....  thanks for the suggestions. I'll
>> hold the list and pray.
>> On another subject, I'm  really feeling persecuted.
>> Three weeks ago, the roofer came to caulk a split gutter, and
>> his helper rammed the extension ladder into my two most prized and
>> showy royal blue rhodies, the Starry Nights. They are no longer 
>> besides which the ladder leg fractured a water supply line. In 
>> years, Jimmie would have made the repair, but he has gotten too
>> wobbly, unfortunately.
>> Now we are having major problems with the flue from the hot water
>> heater which has a down draft up the chimney instead of an
>> updraft, so any time the heater turns on, water condenses in the
>> flue and spills backwards into the brand new furnace!  OK, today 
>> sent over a chimney sweep to see if the flue were blocked, and the
>> helper just plain stuck his ladder down into the bed of red begonias
>> by the front door. Goodbye begonias.
>> And in 12 days, all the Master Gardneners are coming for lunch, a
>> business meeting, and a walk-thru the garden. It isn't enough that
>> we are suffereing from a complete drought, but also from the
>> onslaught of detached individuals who shouldn't need a college
>> education to realize that you   just  don't   stick   ladders   into
>> flower   beds.....................
>> Does anyone have any experience with "draft inducers" in flues
>> with an inadequate draft..?
>> Penny, NY
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