[gardeners] nice site

Robert Ripley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 11:32:33 -0400

thank you all for my morning smile today. i am in sunderland, on
zone 5a. cold damp & windy  as zues sneezing!
i need help. if anyone out there has info on the Master Gardner
program in canada i would be forever grateful.
my 13 year old dog & i have recently settled into a 100 acre organic farm &
we are both loving it. winston & i both used to have a temper, but we now
enjoy our fruits & veg too much to fret over life's upsets.
i am sooooo happy just to be able to remove dirt from my potatoes-MY
potatoes that all else pales by comparison!!

thank you all for the great reading today :)

zalia & bob & winston