Re: [gardeners] Sunday in the garden

margaret lauterbach (
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 07:43:49 -0600

At 08:33 PM 8/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>We got the cold front last night, too, but only about 1/10 inch of rain.
>It stayed cloudy a lot of the day and not too hot.
>I cut some herbs to dry yesterday -- basil, rosemary, savory (summer and
>winter), sage, thyme, and tarragon.  I thought I ought to get some chives
>but I wasn't sure what to do with it.  I guess they need to be on a rack or
>other flat surface for drying, not hanging up in a bunch.
>The purple-hull peas are doing great in the heat and drought.  I haven't
>noticed them wilting at all (I do water them some).  They seem to always
>have some wasps on them, I wonder why?  Soon I'll be wondering how to tell
>when they're ready.  When the peas are as big as they get, I guess, like
>green peas -- of course, I don't know how big they get.
>Our dogs are sick, we don't know exactly what the problem is.  The vet
>seems to think probably a not-too-dangerous bug of some sort.  It sure is
>messy, though.
>Life will seem a little better once they're over it.
If by "messy" you mean your dogs have diarrhea, give them a little cooked
rice. I feed my dog a high residue dog food, and that means neat stools. My
cousin just admitted she occasionally feeds her little Westy some cooked
meat, and she gets diarrhea. I told her to feed her the cooked rice with
meat and broth to prevent the runs.  Margaret, who wonders about the name
of Montezuma's dog...