Re: [gardeners] Purple-hull peas

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:05:16 -0400

>"David G. Smith" wrote:
>> I don't know.  These look prety much like black-eyed peas in a long
>> pod.  The taste is like black-eyed peas, too.
>> David

>Purple hulls, blackeyes, pink, lady, and field peas are all "southern"
>peas and the taste is similar among them. Just enough difference to make
>a difference as they say. I really like the taste of blackeyes and lady
>peas but am somewhat indifferent to crowders, even though we grow them.
>IIRC field peas is the name most of the old timers around home gave to a
>variety of crowders that they grew.
>Someone jog my memory, who is that has dozens of "southern peas" in
>their catalog. I've looked through all of mine and must have thrown out
>that one.
>George, hoping for rain as we are under a "no watering" edict.

I like your description of peas, George, "just enough difference
to make a difference".   :-)   Our field peas are less mealy than
black eyed peas, and maintain their integrity a bit better.
But you're right, they are all similar.
I don't know who has the southern peas in their catalog.

Bambi---who has had plenty of rain here for the last 24 hours.
-----I suspect we've caught up on some of our deficit.