Re: [gardeners] Rain

margaret lauterbach (
Tue, 07 Sep 1999 10:30:00 -0600

At 11:53 PM 9/6/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Here in coastal New York, we are expecting the Dennis rain starting
>at midnite, to last for 48 hours.  From what they say, we will get
>flooded, and i do NOT look forward to all that towels & wringer
>stuff like what we had 12 days ago. 
>In preparation, Jimmie is planning to wait until the driveway backs
>up about 6 feet, and then he wants us both to spring in to action:
>He will run from the garage around to the door under the kitchen
>steps where the troublesome drain sits, and will pull away his
>homemade stopper to get a look at the flow of water down in the
>hole. [He cannot dare open the door, because the last time he
>tried that, Niagara Falls rushed into the house!]  Right now he has
>a piece of truck inner tube over the drain hole, then the drain screen
>on top, and then a bar of solid lead on top of that, hoping the hold
>back the flood. 
>OK, so his latest idea is, once again, to open up that hole when the
>driveway backs up, and i will be flying out into the storm to pull the
>strainer off of THAT drain with a rush...   if we cannot see any water
>backing up to the door drain, then we know they are not connected
>underground..   We already know that the door drain is not fed by
>the house downdrains from the gutters -- so where's the water 
>coming from...???  
>If we have negative results from this test, then we will have to bring
>in a back hoe, and tear up the back yard. 
>I think I'll buy Jim a bigger wet-dry vac for Xmas. 
>Penny, NY
And snorkel gear, Penny. Plus rags and sponges. Lots of rags and sponges.
Margaret L