Re: [gardeners] Rain

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (
Tue, 7 Sep 1999 20:14:35 -0400

Myra and Rosemary,

Sorry y'all are still suffering from the drought.   We also had drought
conditions here this year, but have caught up this past week
with Dennis sitting over us for so long.  It has rained and rained
here this past 2 weeks, and finally the weather man says that
tomorrow will be mostly sunny.  He said he felt strange saying
that as it had been so long.    It did help to keep our temps down
which was nice.  :-)
It rained again today, but nothing like it's been doing for the past
2 weeks.   :-)    We got 5 inches in one 24 hour period that I
noticed.   In spite of our drought, we're ahead now on rainfall
for the year due to the rain we've had recently and the flooding
we had this past winter.......if only we could spread it out evenly
over the year.  :-)

Coastal Carolina

>Hey Myra: Hope all is well with you! The drought situation is horrible,
>isn't it? No rain here from Dennis at all. The ONLY thing I keep watering
>are the azaleas, rhodies, and mountain laurel - though the laurel was new
>this year and is really suffering. Don't know if I can save it or not. I'm
>just glad I didn't plant a bunch of perennials (that would now be lost) at
>my new house this spring! I almost did! All that I planted were those
>woodies....thank goodness!
>Rosemary in the hills of eastern KY