Re: [gardeners] Rain

penny x stamm (
Wed, 8 Sep 1999 01:21:59 -0400

Margaret, we mopped together those 5-6-7 hours, two weeks
ago, Jimmie stark naked from head to toe, and myself in a
nightshirt, with surgical hose, sneakers, and old fashioned
black rubbers on top. I was darned if i would stand in water
all that time!  Why, I could catch my death of something that
way! But it did Jim no harm, somehow. He got exhausted, but
not sick. 

His plan, this time around, is to wear a pair of boxer shorts, 
at my insistance. After all, we both have to dash out into the
back yard, you know ...  

Jimmie's the most naked loving man I ever heard of. He sleeps
bare, comes out of the shower roaming the house bare until
it's mealtime, when I advise him that if he wants to eat, then
he bloody well had better put on some shorts!  He pulls my 
nightshirt off me every single night of the year as well, but then,
after 56 years, it's really just to make sure that I haven't lost 
any weight.  
Penny, NY

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