Re: [gardeners] Allen Merten

Allen Breland (
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 11:59:28 -0500

Good morning George,
Ya, I'm still here. My garden has struggled alot in the last couple
months. The okra, burbless cucs and summer tomatoes are the only thing
left that's producing. I've picked my purple hulls. thinking about a
fall garden (broccoli, green onions, brussel sprouts (for the wife), and
maybe carrots). 
I haven't been posting due to work here. I don't know how to get these
postings sent to my home computer and stop getting them here at work.
Can you lead me in the right direction? My home email is I just noticed that it was a different Allen u were
addressing LOL. I'm Allen Breland.......Sorry about the mix up.
Allen Breland