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Wed, 8 Sep 1999 18:04:27 EDT

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<<I planted an autumn clematis last summer, and didn't get a bloom last year.
 This year it's about 7' tall and the top 2' is loaded with white blooms,
but they're tiny!  Not even an inch across.  I did minimal watering this

Hi Barb. That flower on the sweet autumn is very tiny. I had one growing up 
my fence and didn't remember planting it. I thought it was bindweed. Waited 
for it to flower and smelled them then guessed it was sweet autumn. Well then 
I did a stupid thing and must have accidentally chopped it down. Glad to say 
it is starting back up the fence. I have a start I bought earlier this year 
and it has done a thing yet. Hopefully next year it will.

Kris P  IL