Re: [gardeners] Herbs during California's rainy season

Ron Hay (
Thu, 16 Sep 1999 07:30:18 -0700

Good morning, Joy.

What are row covers?

I would love to try to save the serranos, since I have picked approximately 400
ripe, red chiles from just 4 (!) plants this year.

The oregano is just incredible! It is now covering about 6 square feet and
still on the move! The basil I obtained from our local Middle Eastern store,
where I put it in water to keep it fresh, only to find vigorous roots formed
after a few days, at which time I put it on the east side of our house in
partial sun, where it is now 3' tall and extremely vigorous:)

Thanks for your words of wisdom.


Joy Williams wrote:

> living here in Central Coast California, my experience is the same.  Frost
> kills in basil .   However frost will not harm oregano, in fact my
> experience is that oregano likes a beating.  As to serrano chiles, my
> suggestion is that you overwinter them.  Since they are perrenials (really,
> they are) they WILL survive frost but not well.  cover them with row cover
> or something to handle the winter months.  My habaneros have STILL not
> produced fruit and my serranos are just setting now, so I will probably do
> the same :)