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Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 21 Sep 1999 05:34:41 -0600

Good luck with your digging and draining, and with the rain to come.  It
has even been raining here in Colorado, not a normal thing.  I have to get
going on bringing in my outdoor plants, it is getting down to 40 degrees
here at night.  


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> Subject: [gardeners] Re: more rain to come...
> Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999 1:10 AM
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> No, BSK, the pipe is standard "clay drainage pipe". When 
> there is heavy rain, it backs up and fills the cellar drain well, 
> then floods over an 8" sill right into the workshop. Ugghh...
> This has only been happening for the past two years, since we
> sealed off one of the pipes buried under the big back lawn 
> because our neighbor was screaming about our water going in 
> to his basement.  No question but that we must undo this...  The
> civil law says that no one may prevent water from traveling down
> from a higher elevation onto one's property. Measures have to be 
> taken to make it workable, however. We may have to dig a trench 
> the whole 126 ft across the back of the property, to spread out the 
> water as it reaches there in a storm. And because of the fine
> plantings 3 ft in from that stone wall,   it would have to be dug by
> hand. Not a jolly thought.
> Penny, NY zone 6
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