Re: [gardeners] Whatta week and weekend.

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 17:02:26 -0500

    Happy Birthday late. I celebrated my 50th on the 15th. I knew that there
was some other kinship besides gardening. My birthday celebration was much
similar to yours. We had to interrupt the celebration to take the youngest
dog to the vet. He began hemorrhaging from the lungs. Seems he must have
caught a rat or mouse that had ingested Warfrin. Boots spent Sunday to
Wednesday in Doggie ICU, had antidote, transfusion, antibiotics, IV fluids,
etc. He is doing fine now. Back to his pouncing and bouncing tactics (like
Tigger in Winne the Pooh).
    The Vet told us this was a common thing with cats and dogs catching
poisoned animals and becoming poisoned themselves. He told me about an
animal rehabber that has had Hawks, Falcons, and carrion eating birds
brought to rehab for the same symptoms.
    It was a serious emotional as well as financial drain to get Ol' Boots
back home.
    We got our first rain since July 4th. It thundered about 2 inches last
night, and freckled the dust. Got up with Boots at 5 AM today, to witness
another freckling rain.
    We're losing 4 more Western Loblolly Pines from the drought. Two small
ones about 12 ft. and two about 20 ft. The State Forest Service told me that
Western Loblolly Pines are drought resistant. I hope it rains soon.
Irragation is out of the question, what with 4 acres of scattered Pines and
the water restrictions.
    Also, no fall garden. I sure was wanting to get my garlic planted. I had
intended to plant my 1015's a month early, too. It is 96*F here today. I do
love the cooler mornings. I compared the midnight temperatures of last night
with those of a month ago. Last night was 33* cooler!!
    George, I hope those grandsons are going to be ok. The one with the 116
stitches has more than I have accumulated in 50 years, with two helicopter
crashes, a couple of refinery explosions, and one 25 ft. free fall from a
ladder. I do have more screws and rods than he does. Tell him not to catch
up with me on that!
    I too, wish those who suffered from the storms, a speedy recovery. Been
there and done that, definitely not fun.
Bastrop Co.
SE Central Tx.

George Shirley wrote:

> First of all, the weather here has been magnificent. Cool nights and
> mornings, warming up to the low-eighties in the afternoon. Just right
> for gardening here in humid SW Louisiana. Unfortunately we didn't get
> much done due to the press of work in our jobs. Did get the lawn mowed
> and edged and fed the chiles for the last time before winter sets in.
> The fall garden is still not planted and the herbs need harvesting
> again.
> On Thursday, September 23, 1999 I celebrated by sixtieth birthday and my
> kids and grandkids came to call on Saturday the 25th. We had a big meal
> with several friends coming by for eats and visiting and did the
> standard garden tour with our daughter, the other gardener in the
> family.
> The grandsons and I had a good time working on various odds and ends
> around the house and on Miz Anne's Big Red Truck. Good lads, both of
> them. One recovering from a truck wreck, no major injuries; and one
> recovering from an accident where he works, 116 stitches to his arms and
> hands. He's well healed now and both will recover completely. Certainly
> glad I'm not a teenager anymore!
> The kids and grandkids gave me a new Laz-e-Boy recliner to replace my
> 25-year old one that was slowly giving up the ghost. Miz Anne found some
> really neat large insects in the toy department at Walmart. She got me a
> grasshopper and a praying mantis, both about 8 inches long and in
> yellows and greens. They look really neat in with my other "stuff" in
> the herb garden. My MIL gave me 10 bucks that I used to order another
> herb for the garden. Heckuva birthday since I only celebrate them every
> 10 years. Kids say that if I can make it to 70 they will get me the big
> leather recliner with the cooler in one arm and the phone in the other
> arm, also with heat and massage. I don't see that happening as I don't
> need a cooler or another phone.
> Going back outside with the dogs as it is still nice and cool. Hope all
> are having a good weekend and those affected are recovering from the
> storms.
> George, Miz Anne, and Sleepy Dawg