Re: [gardeners] Whatta week and weekend.

George Shirley (
Sun, 26 Sep 1999 18:00:20 -0500

Allen and Judy Merten wrote:
> George,
>     Happy Birthday late. I celebrated my 50th on the 15th. I knew that there
> was some other kinship besides gardening. My birthday celebration was much
> similar to yours. We had to interrupt the celebration to take the youngest
> dog to the vet. He began hemorrhaging from the lungs. Seems he must have
> caught a rat or mouse that had ingested Warfrin. Boots spent Sunday to
> Wednesday in Doggie ICU, had antidote, transfusion, antibiotics, IV fluids,
> etc. He is doing fine now. Back to his pouncing and bouncing tactics (like
> Tigger in Winne the Pooh).
>     The Vet told us this was a common thing with cats and dogs catching
> poisoned animals and becoming poisoned themselves. He told me about an
> animal rehabber that has had Hawks, Falcons, and carrion eating birds
> brought to rehab for the same symptoms.
>     It was a serious emotional as well as financial drain to get Ol' Boots
> back home.
>     We got our first rain since July 4th. It thundered about 2 inches last
> night, and freckled the dust. Got up with Boots at 5 AM today, to witness
> another freckling rain.
>     We're losing 4 more Western Loblolly Pines from the drought. Two small
> ones about 12 ft. and two about 20 ft. The State Forest Service told me that
> Western Loblolly Pines are drought resistant. I hope it rains soon.
> Irragation is out of the question, what with 4 acres of scattered Pines and
> the water restrictions.
>     Also, no fall garden. I sure was wanting to get my garlic planted. I had
> intended to plant my 1015's a month early, too. It is 96*F here today. I do
> love the cooler mornings. I compared the midnight temperatures of last night
> with those of a month ago. Last night was 33* cooler!!

Drought is killing trees all around us too, particularly the pines. See
a lot of them sticking up out of the forest in a dead brown color. We're
used to getting a lot more water than we've gotten this year.

>     George, I hope those grandsons are going to be ok. The one with the 116
> stitches has more than I have accumulated in 50 years, with two helicopter
> crashes, a couple of refinery explosions, and one 25 ft. free fall from a
> ladder. I do have more screws and rods than he does. Tell him not to catch
> up with me on that!

He's got a pin sticking out of a fingertip that makes me sick to look at
it. The pin gets removed Monday and all the stitches have been removed
but two and I got them out today. He's going to be badly scarred and his
arms still look terrible but no loss of muscle or tendon thank goodness.

You are the beat-up ol' debbil. I spent 37 years in refineries and
chemical plants and all I ever got were minor burns and a bad back.
Fought at least three major fires in those plants and took care of a lot
of guys who fell, got burned, or blown up without getting very much
damage to myself. You must have been in the wrong place at the wrong
time on several occasions. Now I spend my working days teaching
construction hands how not to get hurt and which is the safe way to do

>     I too, wish those who suffered from the storms, a speedy recovery. Been
> there and done that, definitely not fun.
> Allen
> Bastrop Co.
> SE Central Tx.

Kids are all gone now and the house is quiet again. Sleepy and I just
got up from a short, recuperative nap and are feeling better. Love my
grandkids but am not used to all the hustle and bustle of three
teenagers anymore. Will be ready for more of them in a week or two. <BG>