Re: [gardeners] Grasshoppers, birthday wishes and sick puppies.

George Shirley (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 17:24:08 -0500

Ron Hay wrote:
> Good morning!
> Belated birthday wishes to all the birthday boys and girls, and a get
> well wish for boots.
> We in Southern California are in the neither/nor-both/and season. It is
> neither summer nor the rainy season, but is both hot and dry and damp
> and chilly by turns.
> This morning at 5:30 it was 63, by tonight it will be 90. Overnight it
> will go down to about 64, then with the Santa Ana Winds, the fog will
> burn off early, the offshore flow will rapidly increase in speed, the
> temperature will head for the century mark, and the humidity will drop
> like a stone. In short, it's a difficult time of  year to plant a cool
> season garden.
> My task this year is being made even more difficult by grasshoppers.  I
> try not to use pesticices, but I am being driven to it by my broccoli's
> leaves being munched, along with my cosmos. Any suggestions as to what
> to do about those wretched critters?
> The rest of the garden is fine; just planted some fall-blooming
> crocuses, and am awaiting delivery of ranunculus and copo de oro bulbs
> to be planted.
> The passion fruit is still churning out new flowers and fruit, of which
> we have harvested about 16 which are turning a yummy, wrinkly purple on
> the window sill in the kitchen. Any suggestion as to what to do with
> this bumper crop.

Got two suggestions, passion fruit jelly or wine. Both are delicious and
I bet if you did a search there will be a recipe for either somewhere on
the net. If all else fails you can go to the newsgroup and ask.

> Our 4 serrano chile plants have already produced over 400 chiles which
> we have dehydrated, and more flowers and fruit are being set daily.
> The fuyu persimmons are ripening beautifully under their hairnet (after
> the birds got one!)

Love those oriental persimmons, make excellent breads, pies, and Miz
Anne Likes to wash and dry them and freeze in a muffin tin. Yeah, the
whole 'simmon. After they're frozen you can bag them. Take one out and
let it thaw slightly and eat it like a sorbet. I haven't tried one but
the expression on her face as she slurps one up seems to indicate they
are excellent. (Reason I haven't tried one is she threatens me with
mayhem if I go for them and I believe her.)

> We are looking forward to cooler weather and to the onset of rain in
> about 2 months' time, since we have not had any measurable rain since
> the end of April, which is usual for us.
> Happy gardening!
> Ron