Re: [gardeners] OT-birthday wishes, etc.

penny x stamm (
Mon, 27 Sep 1999 23:06:37 -0400

To Allen and Margaret, very best of wishes for your birthdays, even
tho a number of days late.. 

Thinking of Boots and the pills in the hot dogs, my daughter has a
very sick large mixed breed dog who has lost his appetite and 
cannot enjoy any of his old treats. Somewhere on the Internet she
got advice from another dog lover to mix the pills in chopped 
liver. What a concept!  She rushed out and bought a POUND of
chopped liver without even trying the experiment -- and I thought 
she was nuts. However, the dog went crazy for it, and that turned
out to be the only thing she could get him to eat at all......  

Penny, NY

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