[gardeners] weather forecasters

Byron (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 29 Sep 1999 11:43:22 -0400

Since I work outside most of the time, I place weather forecasters
in the same catagory as politicians, IE you can't believe them
most of the time.

Over a dozen times, here this year 7 AM forcast. Cloudy with
showers after evening commute: Reality pouring at 8 AM.

Night temp's They say 40's could be from 20's to 50's.

Wildest one I know of:  Don Kent,  Boston, circa 1956 to 1958

At 7 AM Predicted clear and cool, Someone entered studio about 2 min 
later said look out the window, 7 in of snow on the ground and falling at
the rate of 2 in per hour. The hills of Southern VT got 3 1/2 feet on that

Since then it's required for all weather forecasters to look out window
going on air. 

Long range, forecasting in NE, 30% accurate for 3 day, 10% for 5 day.
50% same day.

Snow fall is usually 50% of their lowest number IE 4 to 6 means 2in.

Had to sputter on this one.