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We have Oklahoma City for our weather forecasters. Norman is the hub of all the
Tornado studies and tracking around. Maybe that makes the forecasting more
     We usually listen to channel 4 around here whatever that affiliation may be.
Most of our work around on a ranch is weather related so we really do depend on it
daily to schedule what gets done.  Every now and then you do get a messed up
forecasts but most of the time you can depend on them. When they do flub up it hasn't
been as drastic as some I have heard of on this list. Just little things. I have
really enjoyed the dependability (knock on wood).

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "
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> Since I work outside most of the time, I place weather forecasters
> in the same catagory as politicians, IE you can't believe them
> most of the time.
> Over a dozen times, here this year 7 AM forcast. Cloudy with
> showers after evening commute: Reality pouring at 8 AM.
> Night temp's They say 40's could be from 20's to 50's.
> Wildest one I know of:  Don Kent,  Boston, circa 1956 to 1958
> At 7 AM Predicted clear and cool, Someone entered studio about 2 min
> later said look out the window, 7 in of snow on the ground and falling at
> the rate of 2 in per hour. The hills of Southern VT got 3 1/2 feet on that
> one
> Byron