[gardeners] Chlorine

Byron (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 11:43:39 -0400

Penny in NY

If I remember correctly you stated  that you had a lot of chlorine
in your water. And that for some plants you let it dissapate for
awhile. Do you do this for the whole garden ?
Do you have very many fungal infections ?

The reason I ask is this. I am sort of confused with some
recent data, From U Oregon, They claim that for a ??fungicide
one can use 10 to 50 ppm on plants, ( 1 to 5 drops per gal) chlorine
Yet municple water supplies can use up to 4 ml of chlorine per gal.
   My thoughts are if plants can handle that much chlorine, why the 
much more minute amounts per Oregons statement.

  My reasons for asking, For peppers, the only fungicide listed is
copper fungicide (that I can find for the homegardener). This is a 
preventative measure. After a couple weeks of rain and high humidity
then stuff has time to get started. Once it's started, copper doesn't help.

I know from the paint industry, the best clean up for mold and mildew 
is chlorine.

Any .02 from anyone with some insight would be appreciated.