[gardeners] Hi y'all

Michael & Bambi Cantrell (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 30 Sep 1999 17:47:31 -0400

Hi everyone,

Things are slowly getting back to normal here after
the hurricanes and flooding.  We're all safe and sound,
and back in our own house now, for which we are 
greatful.  :-)
We had flooding here the likes of which apparently only
happen every 500 years according to the meterologists.
I hope it's at least another 500 years before we see 
anything like this again.  
We had a drought this summer like many others in the US.
Then Dennis hit and dumped up to 15 inches of rain
along with his winds in some areas since he stayed around
here for a couple of weeks.  The sun came back out, and
we cleaned up, and life went on as usual.    Then, a week
later, Hurricane Floyd hit.    We had evacuated to Mom's
house just for the night, as we knew the road into our place
would probably flood in the middle.   Little did we know
it would be over a week before we could move back home.
The RV was parked close to the back porch so the generator
would be available after the hurricane.  Then, although it's
never happened before, the creek behind the house
came over it's banks after the creek rose over 30 feet from
it's normal level.   It created a raging torrent of water
in our yard that eroded a huge hole between the house
and the RV, making a hole about 20'x15' and about 6' deep
washing out part of our septic system.  The RV fell in the
hole, so we had to get the RV out of the hole before repairs
could begin on the septic system.   We finally got all that
taken care of and moved back home a little over a week
later.   We still have no heat/AC due to flooding under the
house knocking out the air handler and ducts, but the men
are supposed to come fix that within the next week.
Schools have started back in our area, after having been
out for a week and we've sort of gotten back into the edge of
the routine again.  The water came within an inch of coming
in the house.  And we are so much more fortunate than
so many others.  So many people around here have lost
everything......homes, clothes, momentoes.....everything.
And most do not have flood insurance.  We are not in
a flood zone, but miles and miles of roads and homes 
were under water due to the additional 20" of rain we 
recieved from Floyd.    The we got 6" more on Wednesday.
More roads flooded again and roads closed.   Today, it
has been sunny, and the waters are again receeding.
It's about time.
Thanks to all who have expressed concern, and have
asked about us, publically and privately......I do
appreciate the concern.   

Coastal Carolina
USDA zone 8; AHS Heat zone 8; Sunset zone 31