[gardeners] So. Cal. Irises

Ron Hay (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 08:08:20 -0700

Good morning, friends.

Here in Los Angeles, our beardes irises have started to bloom again, and
will probably continue to do so for several months. Are there any
southern gardeners who have experience as to when to cut them back. Our
"gardener" cut them back at the same time he cut back our African
daylillies, in May, which I think was much too late, causing them to
bloom much later than the daylillies did in June/July.

This is a rather strange time of year here in L.A. We have had the
coolest summer since 1965, and now we have a mild Santa Ana with temps
in the low 100s. Tomorrow,it should be back down in the 80s, thank
goodness. These high temps and single digit humidity have all of us
clutching our bottles of Eucarin, in an attempt not to look like

At least the passion fruit vine likes it, having set a couple of dozen
new fruit during this brief spate of hot weather.

Happy gardening to you all.

Van Nuys, CA
Sunset zone 20, USDA 9+(we do get a frost every rainy season)